We’re a kitchen full of kitchens, serving you the world under one roof and in one bag!

CraveHome is a female-led multi-brand virtual kitchen exclusively for home cooks and food entrepreneurs. With a mission to promote the values of clean eating and supporting the growth of aspiring chefs and food concepts’ creators, CraveHome operates a portfolio of both local and migrant food brands solely owned and led by enthusiastic food entrepreneurs, serving thus as an enabler in the food market by helping them grow and scale in the delivery and dine-in space.



It all started with a small idea that flourished into a successful
social enterprise having empowered hundreds of cooks in Lebanon and Türkiye… and the list goes on

Our journey began in Beirut, a city famous for its delightful cuisine, where we wanted to harness the skills of local and migrant home cooks and bring them to the market. We launched Cravehome in February 2017 as an online marketplace that connects certified home cooks with users willing to pay for their authentic homemade dishes, generating job opportunities for vulnerable communities and helping them integrate into society.

In 2018, we landed in Turkey after winning the Food and Agriculture prize in “Take Off Istanbul” at “Teknofest” which awarded us the mentorship and support of the Turkish Technology Team (T3Vakfı) to start our business in Istanbul.

Today, CraveHome is launching its first cloud kitchen initiative in Istanbul exclusively for home cooks and enthusiastic chefs. This kitchen will be incubating cook entrepreneurs from both local and migrant communities. All brands promoted by CraveHome tell unique stories related to their owners who are willing to share their own heritage, legacy, and secrets with every dish they serve.


“CraveHome provided me with cash-flow that allowed me to close my previous loan and buy the commercial freezer that I have always needed for work”, Mona, a homecook.

CraveHome encourages entrepreneurship and job creation by equipping novice entrepreneurs with the skills and resources necessary to establish successful food businesses on their own, with Zero capital deployed, and helping them accordingly create sustainable livelihoods and economic development in their communities.

Furthermore, CraveHome supports social integration and cross-cultural engagement in the food industry. Because by sharing a meal, you share not only your food, but also your culture, your story, and your heritage, CraveHome is using the power of food as an intercultural dialogue between local and migrant communities which contributes to the inclusivity envisioned by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the New Urban Agenda.

Finally, CraveHome strives to demonstrate the power of women by ultimately being a female-led initiative and by empowering female home cooks and female food ideators.

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